According to the WHO, there are a billion people with various forms of disability in the world. Some of them are severe. These people are more or less limited: In action, in communication, and most importantly, often in emotions. However, these people are usually with a strong heart inside, with a desire and inspiration not to stop. Esports is a great tool for this.

That is why on February 17 UPEA will be hosting the international debut of the team of the project Responsibility League by the name of Joint Forces Kyiv in a show match against Permastunned Gaming (team of people with disabilities from Europe) in CS:GO.

Alexander Nathan, Chairman of Permastunned Gaming:

We are an international clan and esports organization, where all participants are people with disabilities. We strive to pave the way for people with disabilities into the world of e-sports and firmly believe that disability should not be an obstacle to competition!

The confrontation starts at 20:00, the format of the game is bo3. The event will be aired on our Twitch channel.