On June 12, the Ukrainian Professional Esports Association hosted a series of e-sports show matches between teams from Ukraine and Norway as part of the international project "Esports without Borders".

The event marked the resumption of international e-sports cooperation in the field of socially responsible initiatives. With this event we want to demonstrate the multifunctionality and inclusiveness of Ukrainian esports. That is why the following Ukrainian teams will take part in matches with Norwegian teams:

  • Joint Forces Kyiv is a team that includes former servicemen and people with disabilities. This time our boys will compete with the team of teachers Tiller videregående skole (Trondheim, Norway).
  • Ageless Shooters is a team that proves that at the age of 60+ you can be an e-sports champion. Rivals of Ukrainian pensioners will be a Norwegian team consisting of girls-e-sportsmen
  • Odessa Young is a Ukrainian team of young talents from Odessa, which will be opposed by an equally ambitious young Norwegian team.